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  1. I have had many vivid third person dreams in the last year . I have had these kind of dreams in the past and some have come true in around about way. Tsunami’s as one Japan and i think another one to come. And the world trade centre dream (basicly i dreamt of that before it happen i know cause i rang mum and told her because it scared the hell out of me , but it was a battle of two different entities , running throughout the offices of these building running old style broadswords that glowed red and others blue through people it was like they were in a competition to claim people amongst themselves , anyway it ends with a rattling all around me and then i’m left standing in the middle of a grey dusty mess of steel and concrete feeling very afraid. . I use my mum as backup because i always tell her about them so that if it comes to pass she knows and i don’t feel like an idiot and i know dreams are just that dreams. Dreams are not reality and there are many different reasons psychologically why we dream as a student i am fully aware of this.

    The vivid dreams are always me in someone else body looking through their eye’s in a situation feeling what they feel and see , emotions , the smell of the area , the fear , the sadness and i can feel the natural elements around me and i can at times hear what they are saying . You can get arial dreams / views , and on the ground dreams.

    Dreams in the last 6-12 months i still remember . please note my dreams are usually of global importance , the real strong ones anyway.

    Dream : one an armada of warships , and then i am a sailor /office in a white clean crisp uniform walking down a gang blank.

    Dream: i was a soldier in a totally devastated urban combat zone at night , everything was in complete destruction and on fire , it seemed middle eastern , the soldier whose body i was along for the ride within was crying his eye’s out , gut wrenching .

    Dream: latest i am a female in a remote area subtropical/mediterranean there was a creek clear water , and river stones i’m huddled in a natural cave by this river in this narrow valley which you can see from this little cut out in the natural formation of the mountain side , when i hear the sound of a jet approaching , i walk out to see what it is , like i was hiding because i felt fear and adrenalin , like i was being threatened , the jet which appears to be an old style jet which is green with a red rounded nose tip comes down into the valley and i am shocked because it seems to slow down as it approaches me , i run towards the narrow creek and start to wade to the other side of the elevated river bank when it drops a white rectangular bomb into the water that is not round like a tip on both sides but folded off on both ends drop into the water but skims towards me under the water a little until it stop just where i’m climbing up the bank before it explodes and i am transported to a military control room it’s dark i don’t know who i am but i’m looking at screens on a wall , and i get this sense , of which i’m not sure where it comes from that , putin is being misleading showing one side to the world but acting in another way , not so good . It’s hard to explain . Anyway they are my weird dreams .

    Anyway just wanted to report it , so i feel asif i have at least done something with them as , wierd as that sounds i know.

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